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Bill Curry

"I’ve found Steve to be trustworthy and honorable.  He delivers on his promises and is the kind of teammate you want in your huddle."

Bill Curry, Legendary Football Coach and Player

"Steve is an innovative thinker and has a creative mind.  His ability to communicate and/or develop a concept was outstanding for me.

I've relied on him for technology, marketing and branding projects."

Phillip Fulmer, Hall of Fame Football Coach

Phillip Fulmer
Ed Marynowitz

"Steve's consistent creativity and brainstorming provided us with a launching point for many creative initiatives."

Ed Marynowitz, CAA   (Former Assoc AD for Alabama Football)

"I've known Steve since 1998 and have watched him become a consummate professional and successful businessman." 

Jeff Monken, Head Coach - Army Football

Jeff Monken
Ted Roof

"I was Steve's first client in 2005.  The concepts he introduced were highly unique and viewed as a competitive advantage for us."

Ted Roof, Def. - Oklahoma Football

"Steve brings a different way of thinking

to the table which became a value-add for us." 

David Cutcliffe, Legendary Football Coach

David Cutcliffe
John Kvatek

"Steve’s creative blend of modern technology and marketing techniques ignited a paradigm shift in an industry.  He is an early adopters best friend."

John Kvatek, UCF Assoc. Ath Dir. Multimedia & Creative

"Steve introduced us to a high quality and cost efficient solution that played a significant role in our 2013 mobile marketing strategy." 

David Epps, COO & VP of Marketing - Chickfila Peach Bowl

David Epps
Sharon Lewis

"Steve’s process helped us replace one of our core technologies and develop a Two-time award winning marketing strategy."

Sharon Lewis, Asst AD/Recruiting & Alum. Relations - LSU Football

"Steve introduced me to an inventive way to utilize technology

that I had not seen used in our competitive landscape yet." 

Tommy Lloyd, Head Coach - Arizona Men's Basketball

David Epps
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