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1,100-person capacity Event Space

Downtown ATL


This World War II era movie theater has been transformed into one of Atlanta's renowned mixed-use venues featuring art moderne elements that have been converted for use as a music venue.  Like most cinemas of the era, it has a sloping floor in the main seating area with a balcony above. The area in front of the stage is lowered and open for dancing and standing-room for general admission shows. (Chairs are sometimes set up here for certain shows). The main seating area has theater-style seats, with an aisle on either side. Outside the two aisles are a series of tiered mezzanines that allow for tables and chairs.


- 1,100 Person Capacity

- 1940’s building still maintains original character & charm

- Fully renovated in 2016

- Customizable digital marquee

- Main Level built-in stage with a pit

- Multiple tiers

- Stadium-style seating

- State-of-the-art audio, lighting, sound

- Full-service production staff


Individual pics are downloadable


Variety Playhouse, Euclid Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA, USA

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