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PARK TAVERN at Piedmont Park

11 Looks | Special Event Facility



This building was constructed in 1905 as horse stables for local racing enthusiasts and transformed into the Men's Club and golf clubhouse in 1928.  In 1999 new ownership renamed it as Park Tavern and transformed it into a restaurant and special events facility.

In 2001 Park Tavern began hosting weddings, corporate and private events in the 3,200 SF Piedmont Room upstairs which overlooks historic Piedmont Park. The 4,900 SF Piedmont Garden Tent facility was added in 2004 to provide a unique outdoor garden-style venue for weddings, corporate and private events and has had the honor of hosting several large fundraising events, annual festivals such as Oyster-Crawfish Festival and Lucky Day, Holiday Ice Skating (rink installed in Piedmont Garden Tent), and concerts featuring musical talents such as Bon Jovi, Collective Soul and Maroon 5.

KEY FEATURES: Ice Skating Rink, Two (2) ballrooms, Restaurant, Cabanas, Beach-style Sports Bar, Modern Rustic Bar, Outdoor Garden-area, screened-in open-air lower level, unfettered views of Piedmont Park and 150-car onsite parking (18-wheelers permitted)



Park Tavern, 10th Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA, USA

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